Friday, July 13, 2007

Top 9 songs about "waiting"

Here is a list of songs I like, on the topic of waiting. In no particular order (youtube vids at bottom of list) You can listen to them directly in this page. Some are not directly about waiting, but I'm including them anyhow, because under some interpretations they are.
They cover everything from waiting to see a loved one again, waiting for marriage, waiting to meet the love of your life, and waiting for better times to come.

This one is one I've always liked - I LOVE the Beach Boys. I don't think any more comments are necessary.
* Wouldn't it be nice? - Beach Boys

I remember hearing this song as a teenager and loving it - one of the only J.Lo songs that don't give me a headache. Her video, though, is very disappointing, like New Year's Eve in the jungle with lasers - what-ever!
* Waiting for tonight - J.Lo   
This one is about long-distance relationships and it is so dynamic, so melodic...
* No One Like You - Scorpions
In my case it's more like "Wake me up when July ends"...
* Wake Me up when September Ends - Green Day
This song is so sad and so beautiful I cried the first time I heard it- and I still do. I feel like it was written about me.
* Right here waiting - Richard Marx

This is a fun song, I like Cher quite a bit and it's another song about long-distance relationships and missing someone so much you go crazy.
* Dov'e L'amore - Cher

This one I actually don't care for that much. It's all about waiting for your future spouse, a very christian song that's quite popular. I included it for that reason but really I've never found it that heartwarming OR helpful.
* Wait For Me - Rebecca St James

I named my blog after this one :) Gotta love Jack Johnson...
* Sitting, Waiting, Wishing Jack Johnson

This is a song for all of my single friends and I think it's very beautiful - especially if you understand the french.
* En Attendant Ses Pas - Céline Dion

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